Java problem with OMERO Fiji Plugin (Part 2 - stitched images)

Thanks JM.

Another question - We’ve got some large stitched images that a user is trying to work with in the web version of OMERO figure. However, when they try work with a multichannel max projection of the Z-planes, things lock up. Is the processing being done on the server side? If so, would we get better results with more RAM and/or faster processors/more cores?



Hi Eric,
I don’t know how OMERO.figure does the projections, but you could give it a try to increase the memory which is available to the OMERO.server, see:
If things lock up it’s always helpful to get a thread dump for further investigation of the problem. You could do this using jstack, e.g. “jstack -l [ID of the server process] > threaddump.txt” .

Thanks Dominik. We’ll try this out.

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