Java Exception when using NanoJ-Squirrel batch calculating FRC-map with ImageJ Macro

Hi everyone,

I am running into the same issue as Carolina posted at NanoJ-Squirrel’s official website under issue section (see the link here: but it seems like that thread was left unsolved. So I would like to bring it up here to seek for potential help.

In my case, I wrote a macro code to batch measure image resolution using FRC method scripted by @Ricardo_Henriques lab (thank you!), but it is not quite stable when batch processing a bunch of images using Image macro.

Specifically, either, the plugin gives out right measurement result, even though it spits out an exception message in the Console:

OR, sometimes the plugin just fails to finish the measurement, and I will get an Exception as below:

It is a pain to batch processing a lot of image pairs because of this issue. Any debugging suggestions will be very much appreciated! Also, let me know if any additional information is in need.