J1 imagery engineer

I am in need of a development engineer for the latest J1 imagery. I am not familiar with J1 so I will identify my requirement and if a particular version of J1 applies, then that would be the skill needed for my project. I’m a retired researcher at NASA and work with Dr. Qamar A. Shams in the Infrasonics Lab. We would like to convert graphed digital data to an elegant imagery form easily readable by a medical tech. Is there anyone in this space that can help?
DiMarc 757-903-6728, dimarc.x1@gmail.com

Hello Mr. (Dr?) DeMarcantinio,
You need only to use your pointer itself instead of the powerpoint Buttons. Just click inside the slide area and move back and forth with button pushed on mouse or whatever.
There are time spaces between slices so it will not be perfectly smooth but far better than the powerpoint buttons.