IX83 ZDC2 control in µManager 2.0


I am currently working with an IX83 microscope, and we can control all the microscope components through micromanager 2.0 gamma, except the ZDC2. we couldn’t select “on” for “ZDC2-ZDCEnabled” in the “Device Property Browser.” I am wondering if anyone encounters a similar issue, or have any ideas on what is causing the issue.

Just a guess (since I do not have an Olympus microscope), the on/off of the ZDC2 may not be accessible as a property, but only through the API. In the main window, use the autofocus interface to set the ZDC2 to be the autofocus device, and press the autofocus button to switch it on and off. In the MDA window, you can check the “use autofocus” checkbox. Or you can use Beanshell: