IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy


Nanoscopy School in Venice, in case anyone is interested… See info below!
All info at https://mix.iit.it/events/ivsla-2018#link_tab for program, registration and updates and a limited number of seats.

IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy
Directors: Alberto Diaspro (IIT, UNIGE), Paolo Bianchini (IIT), Giorgio Giacometti (IVSLA).

12 - 15 June 2018, Venice, Italy

The objective of this School is to advance the field of nanoscale optical microscopy operating at the scale of nanometres to tens of nanometres,
through the exchange of information, ideas, and innovative techniques. The understanding of methods and techniques has the great potential of allowing,
in the near future, for the design and performance of new exciting experiments in Biophysics, Optics and Photonics. Shots of current technologies by companies leaders in the field.

An amazing blend of top level lecturers ready for lessons, seminars and student interactions in the amazion scenario offered by Venice in June.

Confirmed Faculty: • Francesca Romana Bertani • Paolo Bianchini • Gertrude Bunt • Loredana Casalis • Giberto Chirico • Nader Cristelle • Alessandro Esposito •
Pekka Hänninen • Mike Heilemann • Luca Lanzanò • Aymeric Le Gratiet • Davide Mazza • Ammasi Periasamy • Alexander Rorbach • Colin Sheppard • Peter So •
George Stanciu • Peter Saggau • Peter Török • Alessandro Tredicucci • Fred Wouters • Alberto Diaspro.

Lessons will be held in the magnificent Palazzo Loredan, Venice - https://youtu.be/fmuk-wKMuEI.
Due to high number of requests we added more seats. No deadline: first in first out acceptance criteria.
Special fees for IIT/UNIGE, SIOF and SIBPA members.