ITCN for Nuclei Counting

I am using the ITCN plugin to perform automated nuclei counting. I have been having problems with deciding what parameters to use. I also am unsure what unit of measurement the plugin is asking for (pixels or um). Most of the time I try to use the plugin there is an error message when I add my parameters. I believe I may be having problems with image scale. I successful ran the plugin in once but the total count it generated was rather unrealistic; therefore, I’m still doing something wrong. Is there any way someone could include step by step instructions on how to use the plugin so that I can continue to troubleshoot?

Thanks for your help and feedback.

Sorry that this has been sitting unanswered for so long. I fear that none of the developers of the ITCN plugin are active on this forum.

I’d suggest that you post an example image, so others can try to help you finding the best parameters.

Also, please consider alternatives to this unmaintained plugin: