Issues with setting tags for tracking


The following is related to forum functionality.

for some reasons I can’t specify any of these tags: ‘mib’, ‘imagej-matlab’, ‘matlab’ in the ‘Watching First Post’ and ‘Tracked’ categories within the Preferences. They can be however specified in the Watched category.
Are there separate lists of tags for each category and they are not synchronized?
How that can be fixed?




It seems that you once you declare those tags in the ‘Watched’ category… you can no longer specify them in the others (‘Tracked’ and ‘Watching First Post’) and vice versa. I’m not sure why exactly (perhaps others know better than me here) - but seems like you need to commit certain tags in certain categories… perhaps to avoid redundancies or so?

You can read more on that in Discourse here:


thank you for the clarification, I am still a bit lost in differences between tracking and watching category, but I will figure that out :]

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I get it. I’ve read and re-read those definitions and am still confused myself!


As far as I understand, Watching means you really get notified about everything, while Tracking means only when you’re actively involved (i.e. some replies to your own post in a topic, or mentions you).


Thank you @imagejan!
Do you know how quickly one gets notified about a new post with a watched tag?


The notifications within the forum (and desktop notifications in case your browser supports them and you agreed) happen instantaneously.

For email notifications, the default settings for Discourse are currently unchanged and look like this:

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ok, I had a feeling that some watched posts went unnoticed but I will have to recheck that.
Ohh, that must have been unchecked “Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site” option in the settings.

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