Issues with Fiji "Capture Image" not centered on image window

I recently switched to a new PC. I am counting cells using Cell Counter and need to save the image of my specimen with the counters on it for tracking purposes. I noticed when trying to use the Capture Image command, the resulting image is always centered somewhere to the left of my image and cuts off part of the image to include the background (see imagetest.tif (3.0 MB) ).

I have no idea what is causing this (tried restarting Fiji and computer, updating, etc.) but I never had this issue on my older computer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. For what it’s worth, Capture Screen is also off and cuts off the bottom of my screen. Maybe it’s an issue with my monitor’s resolution or scaling?

It might have to do with your operating system and screen setup. Are you using a multi-screen setup? Can you provide some details about OS and screen resolution settings? That would make it a little easier to reproduce for others. Also, does it happen independent of the zoom setting of your current image?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m using a single 4K LG monitor, running Windows 10 Pro, and my screen resolution is 3840 x 2160. My display scale factor is 125% (default is 150 and 100% is far too small). The issue with ‘Capture Image’ happens regardless of Image zoom and appears to be off by a fixed distance to the left of the image such that it’s much worse with smaller images and better the larger the image is on my monitor.

Can you try reducing temporarily the resolution of the screen (not image zooming) to see if it does it correctly at some other resoltution. I guess that this is the problem.