Issues with DLC when trying to run OwnData demo

I’m currently having issues when attempting to run DLC with my own data. I’m following the right steps, but when I get to labeling frames I keep getting an error. I’ve attached some screenshots to clarify. Not sure what to do…

no need to run %gui wx in ipython, you can just run deeplabcut.label_frames afters. Also, triple check no errors in config.yaml file or your variable you set to point to the full config.yaml file :slight_smile:

No luck with any of those fixes. The path to the config.yaml file is fine and I have not altered anything in the config.yaml file besides adding a few more labels.

I’m not sure why I’m getting all the messages about numpy when I import DLC, could that be an issue?

Your video set is blank, which cannot be possible - to create a project you must include a video. This must stay there, as this is what points to videos to extract data to label. In the case where you use your own data, you must at least make a “fake” link and crop coordinates to a video (same ending as your video name). Please see a demo project config.yaml for correct formatting.

Okay that’s interesting. I’m not sure why the video wasn’t transferred correctly. I’ll include the coordinates to the video and see that fixes it. My videos are in .asf format, in case that matters.

I don’t think asf are an accepted type. Typical is avi mp4 mov - I would create a new project, as this seems broken…

Alright, changing the file format for the video corrected the issue. Now I’m getting another error after labeling my frames. Apparently I am missing the dependency ‘tables’.

pip install git+

Another error when attempting to install PyTables. I tried using ez-setup but that didn’t solve the issue.

Alright, I solved the issue by installing everything onto a fresh account. No errors anymore. Just issues with Colab. I’ll try and sort those out, but if not I’ll make a new thread. Thanks for the help!

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