Issues with 3D rendering in Napari viewer

Sample image and/or code

I have an issue with 3D rendering.

For instance, if I reproduce the tutorial for the tracking layer : single cell tracking with napari - napari, everything works as expected in 2D rendering, but there is an isssue with the image layer in 3D rendering.
Most of the image is frozen when I play the time dimension (you can see some bits of the image moving, but most of it stays still, while the track layer is displayed as expected).

I remember first trying, the track layer when it was released a few months ago (version 0.4.1 most likely) and at that time everything used to work fine on my end.

Any idea about this issue? Thanks!

System config

napari 0.4.7
python 3.9.4
MacOS 10.15.7

Uh oh, this is no good! We’ve had some issues with funny 3D rendering when memory gets really large, see discussion in possible replication of first frame in large datasets · Issue #1507 · napari/napari · GitHub for example.

I’m curious if you remove the tracks layer do you still see this issue. Also if you downsample the image (say 2x or 4x in each dimension) do you still see this?

It’s looks like a memory problem indeed, since if I move the slider very slowly I tend to see more parts of the image moving.
So if i remove the track layer, the problem is still there. However, if I downsample by 2x, I don’t see the issue anymore (original image: 2.48GB, binned image: 0.6GB)

Hmm ok, sorry about this. We’ve seen it before in a couple places. It could related to your graphics card. Funny that it used to work better though. Maybe there’s something on the memory management side we can improve too