Issues reading AVI files with ImageJ

Hi there,

I am currently jumping from issue to issue since several days so maybe someone could help me.

My initial point was only tracking mice during a social test with MiceProfiler (Icy).
The first issue was that I recorded my video with Any-Maze which compress files in an unknown format (.szv), obvioulsy unread by MiceProfiler.
I finally find a way to convert my videos to mp4 files to enable a conversion to AVI files, the sole video format read by MiceProfiler.

The next point was that MiceProfiler can’t track my mice because there is not enough contrast with the background. So a MiceProfiler user guide me to a video treatment with ImageJ to ensure only my mice are visible, so the tracking may work properly.

I am now blocked with ImageJ because it doesn’t read my AVI files. The following error message appear, even after installing the AVI READER plugin : “An error occurred reading the AVI file. Unsupported compression: 64697678 ‘xvid’”

As suggest in similar topics in multiple forum, I tried to use the ffmpeg to convert my mp4 files but the AVI format conversion seems not possible… Is there an other way to work on AVI files with ImageJ as it’s the only format I can use in MiceProfiler?

Thank you for your help,


Hi again Lora,
I assume you attempted the video test I sent on the other forum.
I also sent some advice on using the Image Importer plugin in ICY which so far has not let me down. I will update you on further help if you still need it. My further research has led to a much better way to do as you want.
Just let me know,
Bob (again)

Hi again Bob,

Here is the link to the other discussion if it can help someone else :!msg/icy-software/TigbBMpn9mM/mM_OcJa9BAAJ