Issues for manual extraction

Dear all,

I have issues concerning manual extraction of frames. When I launch it through the GUI, i have the following error message
runtime error: hes been deprecated. When I install it through pip install, the terminal says me that imageio is already install (which is true of course). I try to install it through python but it suggests me again to use pip install.

However, despite the fact that I installed it through pip install and that it is well installed, launching manual extraction through GUI still raise the same runtimeError…
what I can I do?

Other short question, how can I relabeled the dot? (It gives me ‘bodypart1’ etc… and I would like to change it).

Thank you so much for your help!


hello, thank you for your response.

I tried it again and again but the same error message still appeared when I launch manual extraction. I m working with windows 10, maybe it coulb be that? I checked by myself and imageio application is well installed. So I do not get what is the problem… :frowning:

And also, would you know how I can change/add labels when I use the labelling toolbox? I saw on the internet that I can change it in the config.yaml but I do not know how modify a .yaml file? (sorry, I m really bad in using computer…)

Thank you so much for your help!

I succeed to modify he file (not so difficult, really sorry about that!)
it lasts the problem of imageio that I still can not figure out… :frowning:

Hi @hugues1273 - thanks! I’ll update the code!!!

also, you rename the body parts in the config file, when you create a project, there is a button to click that pops this up!