Issue with statistics in the Admin section of Omero.web

Hi all,
we have a problem with the statistics tab in the Admin section in Omero.web. It just displays “loading…” forever and will neither display the pie chart nor the table for storage use. Restarting Omero.web fixes the problem, but only temporarily.
We are still running on Omero 5.6.1 with Omero.web 5.6.3. Is this a known problem? Was it maybe already fixed in the current version? If not, does someone have an idea what we could do to find/fix the cause?
Cheers, Peter

Hi @Peter.Zentis,

I don’t know of an existing issue. I assume you aren’t seeing any errors in your logs only the hang? How large is your database at the moment? Was this working previously and stopped with the upgrade? You might also try out the omero fs usage command from the CLI (see links below) and see if those return for you.

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For what is worth, we have had a similar problems for a very long time. The statistics tab shows us the pie chart per user but if we try to see it per group it just goes on “loading…” forever (where forever means longer than 20min, we never bothered waiting for longer than that).

We never bothered investigating the root cause of it, we just assumed it was timing out somewhere and we had to tweak settings. We need historic usage data anyway, so we now have a cron job that queries and saves the usage data instead.

I created an issue at Disk usage stats too slow for many users · Issue #267 · ome/omero-web · GitHub to track this. But I can’t see an easy fix since disk usage queries can be very costly / slow.