Issue with hardware configuration wizard (QCAM unavailable)


I am trying to set up an old QCAM fast 1394 with micromanager. This camera has been working fine with micromanager, but I am trying to set it up on a different experimental set up with an older PC.

I’ve installed the driver for QCAM, and the camera is now installed fine on the PC. The PC is running Win7 with firewire (needed for this camera). When I go to micromanager hardware configuration wizard to set up a new config file for the QCAM, QCAM comes up as unavailable. I have the QCAM config file created previously, but this obviously comes up with error as QCAM is not available as a device now…

I tried with micromanager 2 and when I ran into this issue I also tried with micromanager 1.4 (which is what we’ve been using). Still the same issue.

Could you please advise me on how to resolve this?

Thanks lots :slight_smile: