Issue with compatibility of new QuPath version

Hi all, I can’t open my old project and qupath data files with the new qupath milestone. I realized too late that it is not compatible. The issue is that I have no idea with milestone or version I used for the image analysis before. Is there a way to track which qupath version was used? I have so far downloaded 3 older milstones and still can’t open my project/data files. Thank you!

Hi @LenkaS,

I don’t know if this true for project files for all past versions but at least for the few I just tested, if I open a .qpproj in a project folder with a text editor then the first thing listed was the version of QuPath used.

Good luck!

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Hi, and thank you! I can now see the version, however, I still can’t open my project. When I drop the project file in the right version of qupath nothing happens. Any advice?

All is good now. I just moved all qupath folder on C disc… I am really happy it’s working now!