Issue setting IJ-openCV as a dependency

I have a Jython project relying on IJ-OpenCV.
currently I was just activating the corresponding update site to receive the dependencies.

Now that it comes to distribution I attempted to wrap the jython source code into an a jar using the example script collection model.

I can build the jar using mvn"PATH TO YOUR"
But then the corresponding Fiji installation complains that some opencv classes are not defined, which is weird because the dependency jar were put in the right place.

I opened an issue with the output of the compilation and the fiji error on the IJ-openCV repo but @joheras could not find out what’s going wrong.

I also have created a repo based on the example script collection, containing the pom I used as well as a simple Jython script with just import statements so that you can try to reproduce the issue.

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The Github issue has advanced a bit. There is a jar provided by one dependency (opencv) that is overwritten by another dependency (opencv-platform) eventhough both are needed.
Please check the issue for some details.
Suggestions are much welcome ! :sweat_smile:

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