Issue in AutoLocalThreshold 'Contrast'

Hi @gabriel
during porting the local threshold methods to clij I stumbled over an issue in the Contrast version.

In the implementation the following constructions are used:

Math.abs((int)(a&0xff - b&0xff))

This leads to errors.

Here is an example code to show this:

byte a = (byte) 100;
byte b = (byte) 128;

int r1 = Math.abs((int)(a&0xff - b&0xff));
int r2 = Math.abs((int)(a&0xff) - (int)(b&0xff));

System.out.println("a : " + (int)(a&0xff) );
System.out.println("b : " + (int)(b&0xff) );
System.out.println("r1 : " + r1 );
System.out.println("r2 : " + r2 );

a : 100
b : 128
r1 : 100
r2 : 28

I think

Math.abs((int)(a&0xff - b&0xff))

has to be replaced by something like

Math.abs((int)(a&0xff) - (int)(b&0xff))

Can you please check this?

This issue also concerns the fiji code in Auto_Local_Threshold/ at c955dc18cff58ac61df82f3f001799f7ffaec5cb · fiji/Auto_Local_Threshold · GitHub

I’m not sure who maintains this code, @ctrueden ?

( cc @haesleinhuepf )


Hi Peter, Thanks for spotting this.
I will have a look, there might be some other places where this might happen as well.


Hi Peter, I confirm the bug you found. I also spotted some other occurrences where there could be an issue with a byte overflow (specifically the Bernsen and Median methods). However after fixing those I cannot see any differences in the output using a the AuPbSn40 and the blobs testing images. This seems to have affected only the Contrast method as far as I have been able to test.
Thank you again for spotting this. I will update the plugin shortly.


Hi Gabriel,
the code in Bernsen and Median was like

(int)( (a&0xff) - (b&0xff) )

and therefore no error had occurred.

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Hi Peter,
Yes, that is right, although the mid_gray result in the Bernsen method could potentially overflow if the min and maximum in the local set added to more than 255?
I fixed that one too.

The new jar file for ImageJ can be downloaded from:

I will try to update the Fiji version (if I can manage to do it in github :man_facepalming:). In the mean time, the above can be used in Fiji if the two Auto_Threshold and Auto_Local_Thresholjar files are removed from the /plugins folder (or uninstalled via the updater).
Again, thanks for spotting these issues.


Right, I managed to fork the plugin, make the changes, committed the changes and generated a pull request. Sorry I do not know what else I need to do now.
I am confronted with a Travis page that among other things says “Waiting to start” and asking me to sign in… and among other things is showing a clock icon and “Waiting to start”
Somebody here must know what is the next step?

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Maybe @imagejan can help us here? :upside_down_face:

Update: the yellow page went green and the pull request says “passed”.
It sounds like being successful without knowing what I am doing…

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Hi Gabriel, just to be clear, there is no potential overflow in Bernsen and Median.
The problem occured only in Contrast mode.

This is because in Bernsen and Median the expression a&0xff where bracketed. This forces a type conversion.

Here is an example:

byte a = (byte) 150;
byte b = (byte) 245;

int r1 = (int)(a&0xff - b&0xff);;
int r2 = (int)(a&0xff + b&0xff);
int r3 = ((int)(a&0xff) - (int)(b&0xff));
int r4 = ((int)(a&0xff) + (int)(b&0xff));
int r5 = ((a&0xff) - (b&0xff));
int r6 = ((a&0xff) + (b&0xff));

System.out.println("a : " + (int)(a&0xff) );
System.out.println("b : " + (int)(b&0xff) );
System.out.println("r1 : " + r1 );
System.out.println("r2 : " + r2 );
System.out.println("r3 : " + r3 );
System.out.println("r4 : " + r4 );
System.out.println("r5 : " + r5 );
System.out.println("r6 : " + r6 );

The output of this is:

a : 150
b : 245
r1 : 2
r2 : 148
r3 : -95
r4 : 395
r5 : -95
r6 : 395

Only as an all-clear: Bernsen and Median were not affected by the problem.

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Hi Peter,
Thank you for the clarification.
Maybe you meant b&0xff in r1 and r2?

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Thank you - edit my post