Issue Exporting CellProfiler Analyst Object Classifications into Database

Thanks in advance for your help. I’m hoping to use CellProfiler Analyst to classify cells as positive/negative for a certain marker. I’ve had success using CellProfiler to properly create a database and properties file to be read by CPA. CPA works well and I am able to generate an appropriate classifier, and this classifier works just fine. I was hoping to export the per-object classes (with each object classified as positive/negative associated with the object number) to correspond back to the original CellProfiler CSV file.

However, I get this error every time I tried to “Score All”

An error occurred in the program:
DBException: ERROR: Database query failed for connection “MainThread” and failed to reconnect
Query was: "INSERT INTO Pair7_positive (ImageNumber,Nuclei_Number_Object_Number, class_number, class) SELECT ImageNumber,Nuclei_Number_Object_Number, CASE WHEN ImageNumber=1 AND ObjectNumber=1 THEN '2’WHEN ImageNumber=1 AND ObjectNumber=2 THEN '2’WHEN ImageNumber=1

I checked and confirmed that the properties file is writing to the appropriate database and creates the right table (in this case, the table is called “Pair7_positive.” I checked other questions about this issue and most of the older issues were related to a failure of CPA to generate this table within the database. However, it seems that mine is doing that just fine, yet failing to write to it.

Any thoughts on this issue? Happy to provide properties, DB, or any other files needed.

Thank you!