Isolating a range of colors




Currently, I have an RGB stack. There is a range of colors which I am trying to isolate and quantify using intensity or some other method. I was wondering if there is anyway to isolate a range of colors, and then make a new stack with just that range of colors. Is there a plugin or anything that can do this? The overall goal is to quantify the amount of a protein in tissue, and that protein is green in the stacked images. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


When you say you are interested in a range of colors, is this a range of colors that use multiple color channels or are you only interested in the green channel? Also, what is the type of the image, 32-bit, 16-bit, something else?


Hi, jamesabraham

Please check the function at Image > Adjust > Color Threshold.
In this function’s panel has “Color space” combo box.
HSB is selected as default, so change this combo box to “RGB”.
Then, this function can change the range of RGB threshold.

*I have created this type simple plugin, but I can not open yet…