Is this plugin useful?

Dear all,

I have released a plugin for registration.
If you would like to try it, please download it from our website.
However, depending on the type of image it may not be useful.
*Please see the video of the example.

This plugin name is “CoordinateShift”

Main function:

  • Registration(xy translocation only)
  • Manual alignment
  • Display the translocated coordinate value
  • Projection with range specification
  • Cross section view

I will be encouraged if you evaluate this plugin.
Thank you



What would you consider the advantage to be over the other registration plugins?

Hi, Andrew_Shum

Regarding the registration:
I think that accuracy of registration is lower than others.
However, it seems that it is faster than others due to the small amount of computation.
In addition, this plugin can select a local area for registration, which means that the computing speed will be faster.
And more, there is no detailed setting for registration.

The feature of this plugin is not only registration.
Convenient functions for processing 4D images taken with a confocal microscope etc. are included
I think combination of these functions is a useful point compared to other registration plugin.

For example,
After correcting the position using the Z projection image, it can be returned to the slice image with the translocated position.
Perform registration for a single channel and apply the translocation to other channels.
Manual translocation, Cross section view and combine function, Display the coordinate of translocation are also useful for me.

I hope that this plugin is useful besides me.


Thank you hwada,
I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

Sounds good; though I personally don’t have a use for it at the moment. If you care to, it might be interesting to compare your results against something like HyperStackReg.

Hi, Bob

Thank you for your testing.
If you have any question, please let me know.


Hi Andrew_Shum

Thank you for your comment.
Of course I know HyperStackReg( or StackReg and TurboReg).
*Personally I checked the difference of each result.
I think that it is one of plugins with high accuracy.
However, the plugin has very heavy calculation for registration.
It was cumbersome to process while trying various area to registration with checking the z-projection and cross section.
I think that you will feel the difference when you try.



Hello again Hwada,
Incredible! Very easy to use with no experience needed. Very good at interaction. The plugin lists as ‘HWada’ in the plug in list so you may want to let everyone know that so as to make it easier to find on first try.
Also the ‘AutoCutB’ is very impressive also. I immediately knew of a imageing problem someone else was having that can be answered by this plugin straight out of the box with NO other input but the image! Great, and thank you very much for both. Now how would you like it cited? You definitely deserve the credit.
Good job,

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Hello again,
The person whom you can help is listed as ‘mmvpgs’ for fret analysis in this forum. Give them a look up.

You can mention other forum users by putting an @ in front of their user name: @mmvpgs, which will notify them of your mention.

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Hello Bob,

I am glad to hear of your impressions.
And thank you again, for checking another plugin.
I am sorry about the folder name.
Since I could not think of a good name, I named it my name for the time being.

I did not understand this sentence well.
How should I answer?
Then, I will check @mmvpgs 's topic.


Thanks imagejan, I was wondering how to best do that. Being an old dog, I don’t adapt well to new tricks.



Hi again,

It is fine using your name as long as others know it’s name so they may find it. Many will be asking for it. And I will cite it as such now.

Again Thank you,