Is there Bioconductor vignette like teaching notebook materials (for some image analysis workflow)?

I’m not familiar with GUI software and Galaxy.

Therefore, if possible, I would like to learn the image analysis workflow using Jupyter Notebook or R Markdown.

I don’t need to learn a specific image analysis technique, I would like to learn general image analysis of fluorescence microscopy.

Specifically, something like Bioconductor workshop materials is ideal.

Does anyone know if there are teaching material resources like Bioconductor workshops (not for high-throughput genomic analysis but for image analysis)?

Sorry, now I found two NEUBIAS teaching videos with Python and Jupyter.

If you know other notebook-like teaching materials, please let me know.

Maybe I should have asked, “Is there a web portal that lists multiple teaching notebook material resources?”
(But now I can’t seem to change the title of this topic.)