Is there any way to visualize .CZI channels using there respective dyes color separately and in a combined way

Hello there,
I have a .czi image with four-channel which means it has four colours. I want to visualize each channel with its respective colour or dyes (which can be found in Metadata) in python as well as their composite view (I know how to visualize it in ImageJ or using napari). But I want to visualize it using czifile library. So, is it possible?

Thank you in advance.

You use czifile to read the file and the visualize in Napari. This is what do quite often. Or did I get the question wrong?

I mean to ask,
Is there any way beside visualizing it with Napari toolbox in python?
I didn’t find any visualization function inside cizfile library. Is there other possible way to visualize each channel separately with its respective dyes color beside Napari in python environment. And, I also would like to know, is there SOP class UID for .CZI file like .dcm has for different modalities.