Is there any alternative method to capture image of whole slide as single image without whole slide scanner?



I have seen an article (, but it’s bit time consuming… If any alternative please let me know…

Thanks in advance


There are many alternatives, but they depend on the equipment available to you. A lot of commercial microscopes with motorised stages have a tilescan feature available in the software to capture overlapping images and stitch them together. Do you have any microscopes with motorised stages available to you?

The authors in the paper you have provided do the tilescan and stitching manually. ImageJ can help make the manual stitching easier (as an alternative to photoshop in the paper), see these stitching tools for ImageJ.



EDIT: This is a better semi-automated stitching (, the gridwise stitching plugin is more for mosaics made from a known standardised, exact distance (i.e. from an automated motorised stage).