Is there a way to rank or specify a quintile based on an object measurement?

I would like to be able to filter objects so I keep groups of top and bottom most most extreme values based on an object measurement (e.g AreaShape_MajorAxisLength say top 5% and and bottom 5%).
I can see how I can get the single maximal and minimal values using the FilterObjects, but this is not really what I want.
I have looked into both ImageMath and CalculateMath and cannot work out a way to get something that approximates what I want.
Any ideas?

I don’t believe there currently is a way to do this in CellProfiler, but it would be reasonably trivial to add to FilterObjects, which we’re currently planning some upgrades to in the near future. Can’t promise anything, but I’ll pitch it to the team :slight_smile:

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Thanks I think it would be really useful.Thanks

Good idea! Thanks. :slight_smile: