Is there a way to measure the length of the two axis created with the angle tool?


i want to measure the length of the two lines which I create when using the “angle tool”. I couldn’t find an option like this in Analyze>Set measurements. If i press “measure” after creating an angle i just get Information about the angle, not the length of the two lines.

Thank you in advance

Hello Marcel,
You need to look at the title bar as you make the angle and note the length. It will not be stored for you.

Hi Marcel,

the coordinates that make up the angle RoI can be extracted in a script using the Roi.getCoordinates command. The following macro will print the length of the two lines in the angle:

function distance_between_points( x0,y0, x1,y1){
   return sqrt( pow(x0-x1,2)+pow(y0-y1,2) )

Roi.getCoordinates(xpoints, ypoints);

print("Line 1", distance_between_points( xpoints[0],ypoints[0], xpoints[1],ypoints[1]));
print("Line 2", distance_between_points( xpoints[1],ypoints[1], xpoints[2],ypoints[2]));

If the RoIs are stored in the RoiManage it is easy to add these measurements to the results table.