Is there a plugin for particle size measurement which gives the maximum and minimum diameter (Dmax and Dmin)?




While doing particle analysis (irregular shaped particles), tried with the Fiji built-in particle analyzer as well as ParticleSizer, but none of them gives the max and min diameter.

Is there anybody knows anything about this? Thanks!

I have roughly searched the forum but could not find any info on this.


HI Koenig,

If I understand correctly the Feret’s diameter in Fiji / ImageJ would do the measure you want.



Hi Benoit,

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t think the max Feret’s diameter is equivalent to Dmax. So does the min.
Dmax and Dmin go through the centroid of the geometrical shape and connect two points on the perimeter.
This is not necessarily true for max and min Feret’s diameter.


Hi Koening,
I’m needing to measure not only the area of a particle, but also its dimension of major and minor axis length.
Did you find any plugin for the Imagej?


Hi Alex,

If you are looking for major and minor axis of the equivalent ellipse, it’s already in it. Just tick the relavent dimensions youwant to measure in the measurement settings.
The original question here is different. But unfortunately I did not find a plug in for ImageJ to get what i want.


I compared results obtained by major and minor (fitted ellipse), and Feret’s max and min with particle dimensions measured with a pachymeter and the deviations was high.
That ‘ParticleSizer’ is a plugin?
I work to with irregular forms, but the results estimated with before tools wasn’t good.