Is there a library for graph interpretation?

Hello everyone, Alejandro here, posting my first question in this forum :slight_smile:

I am working on a project in which some screenshots that contain graphs need to be automatically interpreted. The interpretation should output the value of these graphs. For the sake of simplicity we can assume, for example, a progress bar with its limits very well defined. The library should output the percentage progress of this bar.

I have been searching around but could not find anything that could help me. Maybe someone knows of a code similar to what I am talking about?


Hi Alejandro (@AlejandroArroz),

Welcome to the forum.

We can probably give you more effective help if you post one or more example image(s).

What I think might do what you need is a segmentation approach where you first segment the “limits”
of the progress bar, and then segment the filled part. A decent approximate of “progress” might be:
(area_filled) / (area_limits)