Is PIV analyser alive?

Hi I would like to use the PIV analyser (1) but it is not in my Fiji menu. I wonder if the plugin is still active or deprecated? Thanks!


Welcome to the forum, @romadryn!

It should be. This is what I get using the Command Finder (type L) and then searching for PIV:

According to @tinevez in a discussion on gitter a while back, the Optic Flow plugins by @axtimwalde (in the Plugins > Optic Flow > submenu; I didn’t find any documention on the ImageJ wiki) are offering a similar or better functionality.

And there is also FlowJ.

Please let us know if any of those suits your needs.

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Thanks for your answer.
It’s funny, when I use the Command finder I also see it, but it does not appear listed in the Plugins drop-down menu (for some unknown reason I can’t make a screen capture of the expanded plugin dropdown menu).

Thanks for the link to the former discussion. It seems there are other alternatives to PIV analyzer now. I thought I’d prefer it because its last stable version is newer (2009) than FlowJ (2003). But according to the discussion you pointed out, maybe PIV from Qingzong (Zong) TSENG (1) is a better choice today.


I’ll keep searching for PIV alternatives, thanks!