Is it possible to get 3D object in .OBJ format from volume viewer?

i have set of DICOM files and wanted to get 3D object out of them to use it in Unity3D program. I have to get the result in .OBJ format to use it there. I get the result in .OBJ format in the 3D viewer when i turn the display from volume -->surface which causes loss of normals and data from the files.
So is there another way i can export the .OBJ format from ImageJ without turning the view to surface?

To save your volume as OBJ you need to have it rendered as a surface. What you can do is to recalculate the normals using another software such as Blender.

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Also check out MeshLab which has a ton of utilities including normal recalculation. The interface can be somewhat more intuitive for those who haven’t done much 3D work/don’t know the Blender hotkeys yet.


excuse me but, rendering it as “surface” will not make the data lost? because that is what happened in my case (transform the volume onto surface causing loss of data)

Im sorry but to get the object inside Meshlab it had to be .OBJ format first (which its data is already lost), so im wondering if there’s another way to extract the object as it was in the 3D viewer

Hello Mohamed,

The volume rendering you see by default in the 3D viewer is based on the intensity of each voxel of your image data. That type of data representation is different from the one you save on an OBJ file, which only contains 3D geometry and texture. Therefore, if you absolutely need an OBJ file, you must deal with the surface representation.



I got your point.
Thank you Mr. Ignacio