Is it possible to generate a objects using XY coordinates in CellProfiler or ImageJ?

Hi all,

From the images I have, am interested in specific cells. I want to generate nucleus objects and use them to propagate and identify the cytoplasm using IdentifySecondaryObjects module in Cellprofiler.
I can obtain XY centroids for the nuclei, but I would like to know if there is an option in CellProfiler or ImageJ which allows creating objects using XY coordinates.

I appreciate a lot of any suggestions.

Thank you all,


Sure! If I understand what you want to do, you’d like to take the XY centroids of objects that you’ve already found in CellProfiler, and expand them out a particular distance (without paying attention to any staining for this expansion step?

If so, once you’ve found the objects, you can shrink them down to a point, then expand them using IdentifySecondaryObjects to a radius you choose.

If that’s not what you are trying to do, please elaborate or share an image to help us understand better.