Is it possible to add or eliminate meshes/junctions/etc. with the angiogenesis analyzer (ImageJ)?

Hello everyone,
I’ve got a problem analyzing my angiogenesis assay with ImageJ.
I’m using the Angiogenesis Analyzer from Gilles Carpentier.
The plugin measures meshes which aren’t there and misses existing meshes (I added pictures to show you the problem. The sample is not quiet good. The cells are clustering in the center of the well because of the matrigel meniscus).
Is it possible to delete or add meshes/junctions/etc by hand? And if so, how is it done?

Hi Kati, I haven’t seen any responses to your question. Did you find any feedback from other sources? I’m running into the same problem with the ImageJ Angiogenesis Analyzer plugin.

Thanks, Robert

Hey Robert,

I am experiencing the same issue. Did you find out how to eliminate some meshes/tubes?

Thank you very much.