Is ilastic compatible with Mojave OS?

ilastik-1.3.0-OSX.tar.bz2 extracts fine and I get “ilastik-1.3.0-OSX”. I move this file to the applications folder.

When I double click on ilastik-1.3.0-OSX it says ‘The application can’t be opened’.

I tried with both 1.3.0 and 1.3.2rc2 tar.bz2

According to the instructions there should be a file called and this needs to go to the applications folder but I don’t see that file.

What am I missing, please?

Hi @TBone,

I have just tried on Mojave (that’s 10.14, right?) and it works for me.

However, you need to allow software from unidentified developers, otherwise ilastik is blocked. You can do that in System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General .

Hi k-dominik,
Thanks for checking that. Yes, it’s 10.14. I’m used to dealing with the “unidentified developers” message and know how to open something if I get this message. I tried over and over, downloading the and extracting them and then clicking the ilastik-1.3.0-OSX but I never get the “developer” message. It just flat out says it can’t open it. Must be something else with my system since Mojave and Ilastik get along. I’ll go through the system preferences anyway and see how it goes. Thanks!

I do not see an option to explicitly allow software from unidentified developers. There are only two options: 1) app store 2) app store and identified developers

I’ll try on another one of my computers with Mojave and see if I am successful there.


i’ve only tried 1.3.2rc2. You don’t even have to move it to Applications to try it out. Just unpack and click on it.

I double click and it expands or extracts depending on the program (I’ve tried Archive Utility and The Unarchiver). Both give me a file with contents named ilastik-1.3.0-OSX.
The contents:
ilastik-release (folder)
MacOS (folder)
Resources (folder)

Double clicking ilastik-1.3.0-OSX or ilastik-1.3.2rc2-OSX gets me the message that it cannot be opened. Sometimes double clicking it again says " You can’t open the application “ilastik-1.3.2rc2-OSX” because it may be damaged or incomplete."

I have FIJI downloaded and installed too.
I’ve tried downloading the ilastik tar.bz2 several times with no difference. I’ve tried two macs with the same result.

On the ilastik page:
Download the .tar.bz2 file for your version of OSX and
extract its contents with a simple double-click. Copy to the folder of your choice
(usually your Applications folder), and double-click to begin.”

Should there be an in the contents or is that outdated information? I do a search and it’s not there.

in a sense this is outdated in the sense that OSX is hiding the extension of the app. If you right click and select Get Info and then go to Name and Extension you should see the .app ending.

I’ll try to get my hands on another mac with mojave to see whether its working there.

Hi, so this will not be much help but I confirmed with another mac running mojave, that ilastik works.
I’m not sure at this point, whether this is a problem with the respective binary…

Thanks for checking! I opened FIJI and told it to get updates for ilastik anyway in case I get it working.