Inverse transformation of Transform Virtual Stack Slices



Hello, dear ImageJ users!
My name is Kirill Simonov. I am 2-d year M. Sc. student from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Currently, I am invloved in project with Image processing. I have some tasks which concerns using RVSS and TVSS module in ImageJ.

I have some registered some tiffs using some affine transformations. They were saved in .xml files. Also I have tiffs which are not registered. Currently I need to implement inverse transformation to registered tiffs, but I can not understand the way transformations act on image, sequence of it and so on.

Could you please help with:

  1. how each element from transformation lines .xml file acts to images;

  2. what action makes Affine2D and Translation2D in .xml file

  3. how to find and write inverse transformations in another .xml file
    Unfortunately, I can not upload files, so I will put only example of .xml file:
    <iict_transform class=“mpicbg.trakem2.transform.AffineModel2D” data=“0.9995086006907901 2.2000199418945323E-4 -0.004391289356635668 1.007834987453119 -0.8774978118803878 3.8291120742856037” />
    <iict_transform invertible=“true” class=“mpicbg.trakem2.transform.TranslationModel2D” data=“0.0 0.0” />

I would be really grateful who can assist me. Thank you!


Hello Kirill,
I assume you only want to transform the images by inversion. If that is the case then just use the image you wish, then go to the EDIT Menu and use inverse.

I hope I understood your question properly,



Dear Bob,
No, I want not transform the images by inversion but find inverse transformation for direct transformation after applying Transform Virtual Stack slices module.


Dear Kirill,

Then you may have to make copies of them as " text files" and transform them mathematically, using any spreadsheet program. I hope this is helpful, if not we’ll try something else.

Best regards,



Dear Bob,
Can you show me an example how to calculate inverse affine transform and repeat for batch quickly? I do not know how to do in not manually


Hi again,

Are you sure you want to do this, because it is quite involved and too lengthly to put into a response for a forum but Here is a article from Wiki that should get you started.

I’m sorry I could not be more help.


Inverse_transform_sampling.pdf (342 KB)