Invalid File Identifier for UnifyObject Module



I am receiving an error for an indivalid file identifier when I try to add the module, “UnifyObject” to a pipeline. If ‘fgetl’ is used rather than ‘fgets’, it may generate a valid file id, but I’m not sure how to edit the source code for this program.


Actually, I can’t find the m-file for this module anywhere.


Hi Ashley,

Have a look at this prior forum post: The UnifyObjects module was omitted from the previous compiled version, and is still under development. We’ll update you when it arrives.



Thanks. In the mean time, any suggestions on how to identify non-circular objects? I’m attempting to identify and quantify the orientation of fibers (grayscale, but intensity is not constant). I was going to merge touching objects together, but maybe there is a better module? Is “soon” the next week? month? year?


Hi Ashley,

The new release should be coming out within the next couple of weeks, with UnifyObjects. For identifying non-circular objects, you should be able to use IdentifyPrimAuto with the correct thresholding method- and perhaps selecting Try to merge small objects with nearby larger objects? Perhaps you could post an image of the fibers you are trying to identify and I could direct you as to which modules would be appropriate for the segmentation.



Hi Ashley,

Just a quick follow-up: The new version of CellProfiler has been released and includes the UnifyObjects module. You can download it from here.