Introducing netScope

Introducing netScope

Dear forum members,

I am a developer at Net-Base and new to this community here. We develop netScope, a collection of whole slide software and I want to introduce that to you.

There are four software-solutions that are part of netScope.

netScope Viewer
A easy to use viewer for whole slide data, easy and fast to use for export, snapshot, quantify, annotate, adjust channels …

netScope Desk
Share slides over a network with netScope Viewer.

netScope Group
Share slides over a network with netScope Viewer using ADFS to set permissions.

netScope Server
Browser based slide management with many features like a virtual (or hardware driven) file-system, audit-trail, synchronizing/sharing files, creating document templates to fill them for every slide and collect data, open slides in browser or via netScope Viewer. In generall there to speed up processes in everday work with focus on extending/integrating existent data-archives.

The installation platform is always windows. The netScope Server can be used by a browser.

We are not specially focussed on analysing image data, this may come in the future.
All netScope parts are made to be easily usable for nearly everyone.
The whole data exchange is always secured by https and user-credentials.

netScope has been developed for Whole Slide Imaging Data in CZI format. Aside Data from ZEISS Axio Scan.Z1 all kinds of CZI data can be displayed. ZEISS Customers, which still use older MIRAX Slides in the previous MRXS format, can display those slides in the viewer as well. Bigtiff slides and those in the formats Aperio SVS and Leica SCN are also supported. This can be expanded upon request.

Here is the link to our Homepage, where you can also afford a free trial:

This is the link to the information about netScope Server:

Links to our netscope server demo-instance (limited features for public):

Current work:
At the moment we are thinking about integrating the open-bioformats (BSD for licensing reasons) library to our software, which might be a little bit tricky because linking a java library with c# seems not to be very easy, maybe we can find some help here.

If you have questions or ideas feel free to contact me!

In general we are verry flexible when it comes to customer requests for features.


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Thanks for the introduction to netScope which I already downloaded.

I would like to ask you a question: I have images in SVS format with annotations, I can see the image but not the annotations that goes with it.

How would it be possible to view images with annotation already made on Slidepath with netScope?

With best regards,

Thank you for your feedback!

Importing annotations from other software is not supported at the moment.
I’m not sure where slidepath stores the annotations, i have no access to SVS images with annotations. If you like, you can upload some samples with annotations to our demo-system (PM me if so) and we will have a look to integrate that.

Thank you for your prompt response!

I don’t know how to do it so that you can see them.

I put them in my Favorites, is that enough?

These 5 images all have annotations made on SlidePath but that are lost when opening them with netScope.

Now to give an update for all, @carreirac and i figured out, that the leica .scn format is saving the annotations next to the scn file, in my case this was a .xml file.
We will develop a possibility so that all products of netScope are able to display these annotations, when they are compatible with ours.
This update will come in a few months.

I want to thank @carreirac again, i am always happy, if someone gives us some new ideas or feedback.