Introducing Aivia Community (free) - visualize, (re)view results, annotated, preview new results, animate and share

Dear all,

We are introducing a free to use software called Aivia Community. The mission of this tool is to support the efforts of the microscopy community at no cost. We expect it will support collaborative efforts, facilitate data/results sharing, results validation and make it easy for users to create high impact science communication/dissemination materials (e.g. video animations).

If you are interested in the underlying motivation for us to offer this free tool, please read the open letter to the community.

Aivia Community was created with four main use cases in mind:

  1. open and interactively explore 2-to-5D microscopy data sets (tested up to 3 TB files);

  2. open, explore and create attractive visual outputs (such as video animations) from data sets previously analyzed with Aivia OR raw microscopy images;

  3. collaborate to create ground truth annotations and machine learning powered image enhancement and segmentation models;

  4. preview how your trained machine learning models perform on your data.

I invite you to freely download Aivia Community now. We have created a wide range of online resources which will make it easy to learn how to use this tool as well as get technical and application support. We will continue to monitor this forum for any questions related to Aivia Community (if you post here please use #AiviaCommunity to make it easy for me and the Aivia team to find).

The Aivia team and I are very excited about Aivia Community, what it will enable and what it stands for – accelerate scientific research and advancement.

We welcome your feedback and comments!

With best wishes and thanks,

Luciano Lucas, PhD
EVP at DRVision