Intersecting ROI count

Hi all;
I’m very new to FIJI, and just finished the wonderful Neubias Academy macro course.
I want to count the intersection of a red threshold with a green threshold (i.e., count the number of red cells also expressing green). How to combine the two sets of binary images to only show overlap? I see the “And, Or, and XOr” in the ROI manager; how should I use these? What would the appropriate commands be in a script?
Thank you.

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Hi Kathy,
If you have the binary mask it would be faster to use boolean operations (AND, OR, XOR) within Process>Image Calculator..., which may be recorded and included in a macro.

If you only have the ROIs, it is possible to obtain the corresponding binary mask from the ROI Manager:

  1. ROI Manager > Deselect
  2. ROI Manager > More > OR(Combine)
  3. Edit > Selection > Create Mask

Hope it helps

Thank you Pau. I was thinking inside of the ROI manager, but your idea of using Image Calculator sounds better. I appreciate your comment.