Interpreting output file



My output file (image.csv) has 12 columns. How do determine exactly what each column is? Some are less obvious then others.

My pipeline consists of 4 modules: load images, colortogray, identifyprimautomatic, exporttodatabase

For identifyprimautomatic, I used RobustBackgroundAdaptive as the threshold method

Here is example (first row) of data is in each column A-L. I think column H are my scores.
A. 1
B. 50-1.tif
C. C:\Documents and Settings\vetinfdis\Desktop\3.23.09
D. 0.18
E. 0.18
F. 0.0262543
G. -10.7763
H. 45
I. 704.134
J. 393.249
K. 347.659
L. 264.346


PS. Threw in image


Hi Eric,

The ExportToDatabase module creates a CSV file suitable for use with the additional SQL file that the module outputs for uploading the measurements to a database. So it’s not necessarily meant for readability by human viewers. :smile:

You will probably have more luck with the ExportToExcel module instead. This module still outputs a CSV file but includes the column headers and an .xls extension so Excel can open it with no problems.