Interpreting MeasureObjectNeighbors Module output

Dear CP Help,
I have just run an analysis correlating image features with gene expression features, and some of the potentially important image features based on this analysis are from the MeasureObjectNeighbors Module, including:
FirstClosestObjectNumber | 3
FirstClosestXVector | 4
FirstClosestYVector | 5
SecondClosestObjectNumber | 6
SecondClosestXVector | 7
SecondClosestYVector | 8
AngleBetweenNeighbors | 9

I had trouble getting an understanding of what these features are (or how one might compute them) from the CPmanual. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Andy,

I can certainly give you the definitions for these features:

  • [First/Second]ClosestObjectNumber: Each object is associated with a unique number (ObjectNumber), which is output as a per-object measurement in ExportData/ExportToDatabase/ExportToExcel if needed. This feature gives you the ObjectNumber of the object that is closest/second-closest to the object in question.

  • [First/Second]Closest[X/Y]Vector: The distance in the X and Y directions of the object in question from the closest/second-closest objects.

  • AngleBetweenNeighbors: The angle with respect to the image axes of the object in question from the closest/second-closest objects.

Hope this helps!

That’s very helpful – thanks very much !