Interpreting Inter-trabecular Angle Results

I am trying to perform the inter-trabecular angle (ITA) analysis on a trabecular VOI. The skeleton which displays at the end looks quite suitable, however the I-T angles seem to be much too small.

My defined parameters are:
Min valence 3
Max valence 5
Min trab length 5px
Margin 30px
Iterate pruning no
Use clusters yes

Is there something I should be changing in the parameters to get more realistic angles?
Shouldn’t the angles between a node with 3 connections be around 120 degrees if the 3 angles should add up to 360? bonej ita question

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Angles are reported in radians - you need to multiply by 360/(2*pi) to get degrees.


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I updated the docs to make this explicit.

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Oh I see! Brilliant thanks very much.