Interpretation of electrospun nanofibers alugnment with orientation J

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I analysed two different samples of electrospun nanofibers by orientation J. I want to compare the alignment and orientation of samples that which of them has higher orientation. How can I interpret? What the Y axis show us? I mean is Y axis the number of nanofibers placed in special angle?

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Dear Mina,

The FORUM told me that I’m not allowed to post any further replies in the original thread, and that I’m limited to post a maximum of 5 images and no attachments at all.
What an unacceptable mess for someone who wants to help!

Consequently, I try to make the results accessible by other means. Please be patient until I manage this.

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Dear Mina,

the FORUM now tells me that I’m not allowed to post a link to the data on my website.
This forum really appears far from helpful.

I have no idea of how to make the data accessible to you. Please post an eMail address to which I can send the data.
Alternatively you may register to the ImageJ-list here
and post a short note, so that we can continue our work there.

Very sorry for all these inconveniences


My email address is :

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Is everything back to normal again? The standard settings of this forum try to prevent us from Spam and sometimes, it’s just wrong :wink:

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Good evening Christian,

what do you expect to be back to normal?

I don’t know what’s wrong with this FORUM, but I got really badly annoyed. The whole affair has cost me hours and finally I had to ask for an email address which is a real bad thing. Consequently, nothing appears normal to me with this FORUM.

My day has been spoiled.



Hi George,

Sorry to hear that. By back to normal I mean, can you write posts again in the other thread, post images again etc?


Hello Christian,

as I’ve written, due to three (presumably automatic) interventions of the FORUM, I had to ask the original poster to post a private email address on this FORUM which is really bad. To this address I could send the desired results.

To answer your question:
Evidently, I see no need to post in either thread anymore. The problem of the original poster is settled, at least from my side.



It is not only about helping the OP. It is about helping the community. As such, it is much preferred to post solutions here publicly, rather than using private mail.

This would not have been a problem if you had used your original forum account, instead of a new one.

Hello Curtis,

the thing is that I was unable to post the results for many images under the original thread. However, and since the problem was already solved for the first example image on the original thread, there is little to no information lost for the general audience. BTW I didn’t open the (in fact redundant) thread we a using at the moment.

As I’ve written in the original thread, I offered to process a decent number of very similar images for the original poster. However, this posed considerable formal problems. In fact I was convinced that my old FORUM-account was no longer valid.


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