Interpolate ROIs thinks ROIs are on the same slice, but they are not

Hi all,

For some reason the ROI manager on ImageJ 1.52o is not happy interpolating between two slices which it thinks are in the same slice. They are not in the same slice (I include the roi, if you click “properties” in ROI manager you will see that one ROI is in slice 1 and the other is in slice 41). Any ideas for a workaround? I tried using “Update” and re-adding it in the aproriate plane, but it does not work.

The only reason I can think of is that the ROIs originally were created on a single image (rather than in a stack). But why would this matter? (620 Bytes)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Issue was that ROI names, and not parameters are of importance for interpolation. I had to make sure to follow the naming convention (namely, z-slice name must be in the ROI name).