Intermittent Error Message due to window ID

Hi All,

I sometimes get this error message

(itemid >=0&& itemid <KSHRT_Max) || )itemid>= wx_auto+lowest && itemid <= wx_AUTO_highest)* failed at …\src\common\menucmn.cpp (260) in wxMenuItembase:wxMenuBase():invaid itemid value”.

using any Cell Profiler version past 3.0 (currently 3.1.9).

Is there any issue with just continuing processing? Or is the error unrecoverable? Is there any way to fix this error?


Hi @ipavli2,

Do you have any further information on when this error pops up, particularly what you’re trying to do at the time? If the software doesn’t crash I expect it should be fine to continue processing, but I’d like to try to replicate this on our end. Thanks

Currently it only pops up when I use the following pipeline:analysisRHproject.cppipe (62.2 KB), which is the original Cell Painting analysis pipeline but updated to work for version 3.0 onward. I process about two 384 well plates at a time, so it ends up being around 5000 image sets, I’ve read on the forum that analyzing a smaller set mitigates this issue, but this error does not pop up during any of the other parts like illumination correction or QC.

I can provide some images if needed.