Interleave Stacks



Hi all: I haven’t used interleave in a while, but now I cannot find it (Fiji ImageJ 2.0.0, Max OS 10.13). I have two different versions of the same stack that I would like to interleave, one showing DAPI and one without. As I recall, Interleave was in Image > Stacks > Tools, but it is not there now. Is it gone? If so, any other suggestions? thank you, Howard



You can always search for “Interleave” using either the Command Finder or the new - and totally awesome - built-in Search Bar. Does it pop up for you? If still not - try doing a new Update… It should still be under Image > Stack > Tools > Interleave.



Hi Eta, I wasn’t aware of the Command Finder but that is nice! Nonetheless, Update says I am up to date, command finder finds nothing with interleave, and interleave is not where it is supposed to be… see attached screenshot


Ah! Ok… @htpetrie These are the guys you are missing, the Stack Manipulation collection. Your menu should look like:

They should come with the Fiji installation… which is why your set-up is a bit weird.

Would you be able to dump your Fiji and try a totally new, fresh download/install? Just to be sure.



I suppose…:frowning: all those plugins that have to be re-uploaded… Like I said it used to be there, I wonder what made it disappear. Anyway, thank you very much Eta!



Those plugins come with Fiji - so you shouldn’t have to upload each one individually. Which is why - you should try a fresh installation of Fiji before anything else. Let us know if that works.



no, it’s all the OTHER plugins that I’m wishing I didn’t have to deal with…