Interfacing with NI DAQ device after each multi dimensional acquisition


I’m quite new to micro-manager. I found the multi dimensional acqusition quite useful for what I’m trying to do with my setup. I’d like to take an acquisition with multiple frames (10 seconds apart) and at multiple positions at each frame with software autofocus enabled.

I found that I could set things up in the multi dimensional acquisition window, however, at the end of each frame and after the last position is imaged, I would like to send a signal to a DAQ device. I’ve installed the NI DAQmx drivers and can see the NI100x library in the hardware configuration manager, but I’m not sure how to add this command into the multi dimensional acquisition. It seems like I have to be writing a script, but I’m unable to find a good starting point to do this, especially for MM 2.0.0-gamma1.

I’m using a Windows 10 64 bit machine. Any help would be appreciated.


For material on script writing, you may want to look at: I2K-MM. You will need to attach a “Runnable” to the acquisition engine that does what you want. There is an example at the end of the MM2API tutorial.

Thanks Nico, I have one more slightly unrelated question. I’m able to connect to a FLIR Blackfly S USB color camera with MicroManager and snap images. However, I can only see grayscale images and not color. Is there a fix for this?

See: Color support for FLIR/PtGrey Cameras?

If your Blackfly S works with the FlyCapture SDK, then you can try that and see if it works.

I started looking into color camera support on MM. There are a bunch of loose ends there, this being one of them.

Are you able to use the NI100X module? Mine always gives an non specific error when adding devices.

Hi Joao,

Yes I’m able to use the NI100x module to interface with NI USB 6002. Can you post a screenshot of the issue you are seeing and the exact hardware you have?