Interative Rigid Command not working in ImageJ Fiji

As the title says i’m attempting to use a macro in ImageJ fiji that uses the command “Interactive Rigid” which the program is not recognizing. I assume there is some plugin i need to install but i’m not sure which one. I keep getting directed to but Im not sure if there is something there that needs to be installed or not. Hoping for any advice i can get.

Hi @Wormanalyzer2.0

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Is there an error? Or can you describe in a bit more detail what’s going on? Once you select the plugin, two points should be added to your active image. Dragging them changes the transformation.



Hey @bogovicj thanks for the quick reply

I think i am lacking the appropriate plugins for this to work.

When i try running the macro I get the message that the command “Interactive rigid” is unrecognized. Im wondering what I need to do to fix this. It had been working fine but Ive had to start working from home and i might be missing some files on this computer.

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Ah, got it. If you’re using fiji, you should have it already, under

  • Plugins > Transform > Interactive Rigid.

Are you using Fiji? Do you see in in that menu?

I’d recommend getting it through Fiji (way easier than trying to install into a “vanilla” imagej, for instance).


Wow yes I guess I was opening the program incorrectly. Problem solved! Thank you so much

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