Interactive non-blocking dialog in a script

Hi all,

I want to build an ImageJ script/plugin that would let a user do many color curves (gamma) adjustments interactively, similar to what’s available in Zeiss ZEN software. I see this as a blend between B&C, Channel Tool and Math>Gamma. It should contains checkboxes for channels ON/OFF, min/max sliders (ideally an interactive histogram plot for this) and a numeric field for gamma adjustments. The gamma should not affect the pixels values like the one in Math>Gamma, but only the LUT of the specified channel.

My question: Can I do this with a script or do I need to go the plugin road, since I want all of this to be interactive and have the result displayed live ?

I guess I would need to have access to some callbacks of the dialog components…

Thanks for your help!



I’m a bit of a novice myself… but I’d definitely lean towards scripting - I’m pretty sure you can do what you need via a script. As far as asking for input/settings from the user, etc. - take a look at Script Parameters. They are your new best friend in scripting in ImageJ/Fiji! :slight_smile:

There is built-in example you can run via the Script Editor: Templates > Intro > Widgets (BeanShell) or Widgets (JavaScript).

Going down the plugin road can be a long and more painful process… I wouldn’t advise it in this case.