Interactive 3D surface Plot - load texture in macro

Dear all,

I’ve seen that it is possible to use the Interactive 3D surface plot plugin with a macro (Interactive 3D Surface Plot). Do you know if it is possible to load another image as texture in a macro? I cannot find the syntax. I would like to create an animation based on different textures and height maps.

Thanks a lot in advance!


The plugin supports macros so apparantly you can do that. Just combine the macro example
with the batch processing examples or using the GUI dialog:

It seems that the functions supported by the macro are limited and I cannot find the texture among them:

Any ideas how to include loading an image as texture?

Thanks everyone!

Just for my understanding. This plugin uses:

“The luminance of an image is interpreted as height for the plot.”

Do you want to create a textured height map? E.g, overlay a map over a heightmap?

This plugin works with one image only.

Thank you, I might have used the wrong term. By using the load texture button it is possible to put another image on top of the height map, like in the following. And this is the function that I would like to include in my macro, however it does not show up in the macro recorder or the parameter list provided above. Is there any hidden function available to access it or do you have any idea?

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It seems that this is not possible with the macro API of the plugin.

But you can always apply a trick by using the IJ Robot plugin form @gabriel to simulate mouse clicks in a macro to automate a procedure, see:

Wow, that’s a great plugin, so helpful. Thanks a lot, it worked very well!