Interaction Analysis of a Segmented Image, error with MosaicIA Plugin

Hi Everybody,

I downloaded and hoped to utilize the MosaicIA plugin as described in the following link.

However when I input my 16bit 512 X 512 pixels image into the plugin an error message is constantly displayed as follows:

I am trying to analyze the “self interaction” of the blobs in this image. So I input image X and Y as the same image in the plugin menu.

When I use 0.5 as the grid spacing, 0.001 as the kernel wt(q) and 35.9 as the kernel wt§ and then set radius at 12.5, cutoff at 3.0 and Per/Abs at 1 or 0.1 I always get the above error. How do I fix the problem? Is it a problem with my parameters or a problem with the images I input?

The image is as below:

The current version of the plugin seems to be incompatible with the Java3d library shipped by the Java-8 update site (Java 8 is enabled in recent downloads of Fiji). As a workaround, you can download a Life-Line version of Fiji or try to deactivate the Java-8 update site and switch back to Java 6.


It seems like the plugin was updated today, and the new version works fine together with Java-8 and Java3d.


Thank you so much for your help! The plugin now works. I emailed the authors of the paper and they were really helpful to point out what you had a few lines back. Thanks again :slight_smile: