Intensity values reset when scrolling through channels

I have problem going through my TIF-image intensity values. Back in the days I would alter the intensity values for subsequent montage figure manipulations.

However, when I have set the intensity values of a channel and move through the next channel the previous channel will reset. This has not been the case in past when I was working with ImageJ/Fiji.

Does anyone recognize the problem?

I have included a movie to explain my problem: intensity reset

Thanks for any help!

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Can confirm that on my version of FIJI (fully updated), Win10, it does not behave the way you see it in your video.

If you click Apply it should definitely keep the image the way you see it but… it will also permanently alter the values in the image. So probably not recommended.

I doubt it would be something about your file type, but maybe that is it?

When you click the “Set” button, do you see that yor “Unsigned 16-bit range” is set to something OTHER than automatic?

Could be something else but I think of that becuase I’ve moaned about it before - Min/max reset by moving channel slider if bit range not set to automatic